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SWS can run in a WebAssembly context.

Wasm/Wasix targets are not officially supported by SWS yet

We do not officially support Wasm or Wasix targets yet. But SWS project will eventually support Wasix as a target in a not remote future.
In the meantime, Wasmer folks made it possible to run SWS via Wasix today via a series of patches.


You can run SWS using The Wasmer Runtime with Wasix. See the wasmer/static-web-server package.

To run SWS, make sure to install Wasmer first and then enable its net and threads features as well as map your host directory via the mapdir option before starting the server.

Here is an example.

wasmer run wasmer/static-web-server \
    --net --enable-threads --mapdir /public:/my/host/dir -- --port 8787

See The WASIX with Axum Tutorial for more details.