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Error Pages

SWS provides custom HTML error pages for the HTTP 404 and 50x status errors.

This feature is enabled by default and can be controlled either by the string --page404 (SERVER_ERROR_PAGE_404) or the --page50x (SERVER_ERROR_PAGE_50X) arguments.


Either --page404 and --page50x have defaults (optional values) so they can be specified or omitted as required.

Below is an example of how to customize those HTML pages.

static-web-server \
    --port 8787 \
    --root ./my-public-dir \
    --page404 ./my-page-404.html \
    --page50x ./my-page-50x.html

Fallback Page for use with Client Routers

An HTML file path that is used for GET requests when the requested path doesn't exist. The fallback page is served with a 200 status code, useful when using client routers like React Router or similar. If the path is not specified or simply doesn't exist then this feature will not be active.

It can be set with the SERVER_FALLBACK_PAGE environment variable or with the CLI argument --page-fallback.

static-web-server \
    --port 8787 \
    --root ./my-public-dir \
    --page-fallback ./my-public-dir/index.html

Last update: 2023-10-02