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Cache-Control Headers

SWS provides support for arbitrary Cache-Control HTTP header specifying public and max-age response directives.

This feature is enabled by default and can be controlled by the boolean -e, --cache-control-headers option or the equivalent SERVER_CACHE_CONTROL_HEADERS env.

Customize HTTP headers

If you want to customize HTTP headers on demand then have a look at the Custom HTTP Headers section.

Cache-Control Max-Age

Control headers are applied only to the following file types with the corresponding max-age values.

One day

A max-age of one day duration is used by default.


One-day max-age for example includes html and other file types.

One hour

A max-age of one hour is applied only to the following file types.

atom, json, rss, xml

One year

A max-age of one year is applied only to the following file types.

avif, bmp, bz2, css, doc, gif, gz, htc, ico, jpeg, jpg, js, jxl, map, mjs, mp3, mp4, ogg, ogv, pdf, png, rar, rtf, tar, tgz, wav, weba, webm, webp, woff, woff2, zip

Below is an example of how to enable the feature.

static-web-server \
    --port 8787 \
    --root ./my-public-dir \
    --cache-control-headers true